Upcoming Meeting Dates

The Sheldon-Williams School Community Council meets the second Monday of each month (unless it's a school holiday, then the Tuesday or the following Monday) at 6:30 pm, excluding December and July - August. Refer to the minutes here for more information. Our next meeting will be Monday, April 15 at 6:30pm in the library.

Please consider attending.

Your Voluntary $15 Fee Supports Our School

Your voluntary $15 fees and community donations help the SCC to support Sheldon-Williams Collegiate community events and the school’s Strategic Plan. We use our funds for teacher requests for additional learning materials and programming, specific equipment or extras for instruction, and social events that are part of Sheldon’s tradition, such as open houses, cap and gown grad celebrations and staff appreciation.


SWC-SCC Google Drive 

For all information pertaining to SCC meetings, agendas, and other information, please visit out Google Drive account here.

SWC SCC Funding Request Form

It is never too late to make the suggested $15 payment… please use School Cash Online to make your payment. 

Thank you!


Prior Meeting Minutes from the 2020 - 21 School Year can be found here