Sheldon-Williams Collegiate offers one of the most rigorous academic programs in Saskatchewan.  Typically over 75% of our graduating class goes on to post-secondary educational institutions in Saskatchewan, Canada and around the world.  Sheldon-Williams also offers a personal atmosphere with more individualized, instructional opportunities, while still offering a wide range of electives in a number of subject areas.  As a medium sized school with over 600 students, there is also an increased opportunity for scholarships and awards.

There are a number of programs and qualities that make the learning experience of students at Sheldon-Williams both positive and fulfilling:

  • Expert and specialized teaching staff.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) English, Math and Psychology including Enriched 10 and 11 courses. The AP program is a rigorous course that prepares students for post-secondary education and also offers the potential for university credits.
  • An innovative Grade 9 program that includes flexible groupings and interdisciplinary study.
  • Modern, dedicated science lab and state of the art kitchen.
  • Enhanced teaching strategies using Smart Boards.
  • Special electives such as an Outdoor Pursuits class, and specialized Photography classes.
  • Learning Resource Programming (LRP).
  • Supportive Environment integrated programs.

Sheldon-Williams also offers a unique course called Leadership 20/30. For more information click the link here: Leadership 20/30

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Students please feel free to check out our School Handbook.