Peart Library is located on the main floor of Sheldon-Williams Collegiate. 

Peart Library provides a quiet place for students, small groups, and classes to work on research projects, assignments, and inquiry-based learning tasks. It also allows students to access supplementary reading materials for classroom or home reading logs.

One of the main goals of the library staff is to help students develop information literacy skills. To assist in this process, the library has 10 desktop computers, 60 Chromebooks, 20 laptops, and 15 iPads with several educational apps available for research and presentations.

The teacher-librarian collaborates with the teaching staff to assist with instruction, unit planning, assignment design, and evaluation.  For ideas on what to read next check out our teacher-librarians blog.

Please click here to access the Library Catalogue.


    1. Click on the link above (or here) and enter the login info:

                              Username: xshe

                              Password: ipac

            a) If you know the title of the book, type in the title and click on the TITLE button

            b) If you know the author's last name, type it, click on AUTHOR

            c) If you only know the subject, i.e. wizards, type in the subject and click KEYWORD 


To access the Sora App click HERE


Regina Public Schools has a Library Resource Hub where you can find on-line information including magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers and subject specific databases. To access the hub please click here.


1. How long can I sign out a book?

    Fiction and non-fiction books can be signed out for 21 days at a time. After the 21 days students may renew the book as long as no hold has been placed on that title.

2. How many books can I sign out at once?

    You may have 3 books out at any one time.  ** YOUR STUDENT I.D. IS REQUIRED TO SIGN OUT LIBRARY MATERIALS.**

3. What time does the library open and close?

    The library will be closed to students for the 2020-21 school year, but books are still available. Search for what you would like and email Ms. Hesse ( to make your request. To email Ms. Hesse about a book you want or a book you’re looking for you will need:

  1. Name of the book, or type of book you would like (mystery, sports book, manga, graphic novel, book about WWII etc.).
  2. Your first name and last name.
  3. Your period 1 and period 2 class.