Indigenous Advocate

What is the role of an Indigenous Advocate Teacher?

The Indigenous Advocate teacher’s priority is to support indigenous students academically and socially in order to provide smooth transitions throughout school.  We support and enhance the high school experience of First Nations, Metis and Inuit students via academic support, post-secondary planning, and cultural awareness.

What We Do Indigenous Advocate Brochure

  • Organize and attend school-based team meetings where Indigenous students are being discussed.
  • Work to collaborate with the ministry, school division, school, and other student service staff to support learning improvement plans.
  • Build relationships with parents and families through cultural and academic engagement.
  • Support all learners in gaining an awareness and understanding of First Nations, Metis and Inuit cultures and ways of knowing.
  • Connect with community services to provide external supports.
  • Assist with providing school-wide cultural awareness for staff and students.
  • Support teacher driven and school wide curriculum initiatives.
  • Collaborate with post-secondary institutions and employment agencies.
  • Have contact with all self-declared Indigenous students through monitoring of student progress and attendance.
  • Collaborate with Knowledge Keeper in residence.
  • Provide transition support for students entering and exiting high school.
  • Provide support by working closely with elders, knowledge keepers, guidance counsellors, teachers, and school administration.


Knowledge Keeper in Residence Program

 We are very fortunate to work with Rawd Belanger from Ochapowace/Chacachas First Nation.

 Melissa Worme is a gifted performance artist from the Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan. She has achieved accreditations in theatre from the newly designated   Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre Company and the Nightwind Theatre. Melissa is a respected Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) woman within her family and community. Her   strong traditional values are cemented within her and assist in the teaching of her own  children that she is proudly raising in traditional First Nation culture. Melissa has   gained recognition for her talents as a singer, bead worker, Regalia designer and seamstress. Melissa is also an active Fancy Shawl Dancer. As a proud First Nations member   of society, she will continue to build her talents and teachings of her culture so that she may serve her children, family and community and carry on the traditions of her   ancestors proudly.


Regina Public Schools has goals and priorities related to Indigenous Education. Information is gathered about the Indigenous student population in the school division to support goals and priorities for their learning.

Indigenous self-declaration is intended to establish statistical data that will support efforts of the school division to plan and improve programs in a way that is responsive to Indigenous learners.

The information that students, parents and guardians provide is voluntary but important for helping the school division to support Indigenous Education program planning, service delivery and statistical analysis. This link provides more information and the form.  

 Contact Indigenous Advocate
Ms. Jennifer Reid B.Ed, M.Ed
Office: 306-523-3564
Cell: 306-519-6810