COVID Identified, No Close Contacts, School Open

January 30, 2021– the Saskatchewan Health Authority informed us that there was a case of COVID-19 at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate.

There were no close contacts in the school.

If there are any future close contacts at the school, they will be contacted directly by Public Health. A close contact is someone who has been within two metres (six feet) of someone for a cumulative 15 minutes. 

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Sheldon-Williams Collegiate presents Disney’s Freaky Friday - The Musical

This fall, Sheldon-Williams Collegiate is proud to present a riveting and heartfelt production of Disney’s Freaky Friday - The Musical. Inspired by the 1972 Mary Rodgers novel by the same name, Freaky Friday invites its audience to consider the question, “What would it be like to switch places with another person?” In particular, the show depicts the hijinks that unfold and revelations that unfurl when an overworked mother(Katherine Blake)  and her teenage daughter (Ellie Blake) magically swap bodies, with just one day to put things right again before the mother’s wedding.

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Academic Awards Sept. 23- Alternate Schedule

Get ready to celebrate the academic achievement of our grades 10-12 students!  More than 250 academic awards will be received!  On Friday, September 23, the Academic Awards will take place from 8:50-9:50 in the auditorium.    

We will have an alternate schedule for ALL students that day--starting with SWAP first, followed by period 1.  

8:30-8:45 SWAP
8:50-9:50 Period 1:  attend your period 1 class and grades 10-12 will be called to the auditorium at the start of the period, after teachers take attendance.  

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SWC Open House

Open House will be Tuesday, September 20 at 7:00pm. It will begin in the auditorium at 7:00pm. After a brief introduction, students and their families will move through the school to meet teachers/staff and learn about the programs offered here at Sheldon. There will also be treats and coffee in the commons to follow. Hope to see you there!

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Sheldon-Williams Winter Concert Live Stream

On December 8th, Sheldon's finest in choir and band will share their best to you.

If you would like to tune and watch, there will be a live stream available HERE

The Choir Concert begins at 6:15pm and the Band will take the stage for 7:30pm. 

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The Hardwood Classic

The Hardwood Classic
Junior Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball Tournament
December 9th – 11th 
Co-hosted by Campbell Collegiate &
Sheldon-Williams Collegiate
Click HERE for draw & results.

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Lakeview School Centennial - Centennial Necklaces

In 2021-22, Lakeview School turns 100 years old. The School Community Council is planning a number of activities for current students and alumni. Fundraising is now underway to a support the year-long celebration, including a party in the spring of 2022.  

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Lakeview School Centennial

In 2021-22 Lakeview School turns 100 years old.

The School Community is planning a number of activities for current students and alumni.

Fundraising is now underway to fund the year-long celebration, including a party in the Spring of 2022

For more information click HERE or visit the Lakeview School website (

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Pride Week @ Sheldon (May 31 - June 4)

Sheldon Williams Collegiate will be celebrating PRIDE Week from Monday, May 31 - Friday, June 4. Students and staff will recognize and celebrate the diverse community we learn in.  Rainbow treats, spirit wear/dress, artwork, education and displays will all be included in this year's celebration.  

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Sheldon Schoolwide 2021 NCAA Bracket Challenge

Join in on the fun!

Free to play, and easy to do, our schoolwide NCAA Bracket Challenge begins today!

Click HERE to sign up!  

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